Energy Reports

Use personalized information to help you save money and energy.

Man and woman looking at paper energy reportIf you’re looking to make meaningful changes in your energy usage, real concrete information is important. KCP&L energy reports give you exactly that. 
Our Energy Reports provide you with personalized energy usage information. That gives you the power to make your home more energy efficient – saving you money and energy.

How it works

Currently, this program delivers these tailored reports to randomly selected customers in our Missouri service area. Customers in this program receive free, customized monthly email and/or quarterly paper reports that provide energy-use information and efficiency tips. Customers in this program can also compare their household’s energy use to other similar homes in their community. They also receive free, customized quarterly reports that identify specific energy-efficient measures. Participants in similar programs across the country reported a notable reduction in electric bills.

If you are a participant, you can access your information here or call (855) 444-7591.

Getting the most out of your reports

Help ensure your report is working the best for you by:

  • Signing up for emailed reports: Receive additional monthly reports – with deeper insights and more personalized information.
  • Increasing report accuracy: Fill out "What Uses Most" through the Energy Analyzer, which you can access through your account.
  • Understanding your report: Learn how to navigate your report with this detailed guide.

Our Energy Report program is currently full. If you aren’t a participant, you still have several options to learn more about your energy use.

  • Access your account online to track your daily electricity usage and compare current and prior bills side-by-side.
  • Our Energy Analyzer—available to everyone—helps show where your energy dollars go and how your usage stacks up against similar households.
  • You can also review general energy saving tips to help your home become more energy-efficient.
  • Visit our “Ways to Save” page within the Energy Analyzer tool to see more than 100 free energy-saving tips. 

Kansas customers: Although many of our incentives apply only to Missouri customers, we’re working hard to offer Kansas customers the same opportunities to save. In the meantime, Energy Analyzer can help you better understand your energy use and find customized saving tips. Log in to your online account to begin.