Energy Analyzer

Analyze your home energy usage to build a customized plan and take control of your savings.

Finding your biggest opportunities for home energy savings starts with identifying what uses the most energy in your house. Our Energy Analyzer can help. Simply log in to your online account and head to the Energy Analyzer tab at the top of your screen.

After logging in to your account, you may also use our Energy Analyzer to: discover practical tips on saving energy, compare your energy usage with your neighbors and create energy-saving goals – customized to your home and lifestyle.

How to start saving energy with our updated Energy Analyzer features...

Find out what uses the most energy in your home and begin saving:
  • Create an online account or log in to fill out your energy survey

    Create an Account or Log In
  • Head to Energy Analyzer in your account (in the top, middle)
  • Go to the Analyze tab and tell us about your home
  • Build a customized energy-saving plan and start utilizing recommended tips catered to your lifestyle

There are a few other ways Energy Analyzer helps you track and control your usage too:

  • Trend shows your monthly usage and costs compared to the weather over time
  • Compare allows you to see how your usage fits with your "neighbors," or homes with similar characteristics
  • Save offers you a library of savings tips that are personalized to your home
  • Reports lets you opt out of Home Energy Reports or decide how you'd like to receive them (email or mail)
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