Surge Protection

Avoid costly, unexpected repairs when you enroll in surge protection.

Did you know that your home may encounter power spikes and surges every day? Surges don't just happen when it storms. Make sure you protect your expensive electronics and appliances with a plan that works best for you. Minimize unexpected costs, extend appliance and electronic life and stop general wear and tear from daily surges. Pay a small amount each month for a large amount of protection.You can call 816-472-0432 to sign up today or enroll online below.

How does surge protection benefit me?

  • Up to $15,000 annual coverage 
  • Protection for all corded electronics and appliances
  • Up to 30% more life out of your electronics
  • Waived installation fee for a meter-based surge protection device
  • The option to change your protection plan anytime
  • KCP&L meter-based surge protectors handle surges 100 times greater than plug-in surge suppressors

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KCP&L Home Protection Programs are not regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission or the Kansas Corporation Commission. View surge protection terms and conditions here.