Contribute to Clean Energy

There are more options than ever to support clean energy through solar power and other renewables.

Learn About Solar Subscription


Whether you turn to wind, solar or another method of contributing to clean energy, we're here to help you make it work. 

What are my options?

Solar Subscription:

  • Solar Subscription is a subscription-based program giving you the opportunity to support solar growth throughout our community without having to install solar panels on your home. Learn how to subscribe today.

Solar on your home:

  • Net-metering allows customers who produce their own energy from renewable sources to earn a credit on electric bills for the extra energy that flows back into KCP&L service areas. Using a special meter, we measure the electricity you generate from solar panels or a wind turbine to determine both the electricity you use and produce. Energy produced in excess of your need is credited to your bill.

What's best for me?

Take a look at the side-by-side comparison below to identify how you can best contribute to clean energy in your community. 

Solar Subscription is the best option if you...

  • Want to contribute to solar conveniently without maintenance and hassle of panel installations
  • Have an interest in solar but aren't sure about the financial commitment of solar panels
  • Just want to take the next step in reducing your carbon footprint and do more than recycle
  • Rent your home and/or live in an apartment

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Solar panels are the best option if you...

  • Are financially ready to make the investment in solar panels 
  • Live in an area that offers efficient space and clearance for solar panels
  • Understand net-metering and are ready to install solar panels
  • Own your home

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