Demand Response Incentive

Earn financial incentives by strategically reducing energy use on peak days.

Two coworkers examining digital signage showing their company's energy savingsKCP&L’s Demand Response Incentive rewards customers who agree to reduce their electrical load during high-demand days. This is a great opportunity to use incentive payments and energy cost savings to boost profit margins and fund other company projects or initiatives.
Companies that can reduce their load by a minimum of 25 kilowatts can volunteer for Demand Response Incentive and earn a significant discount on summer energy bills.  

Controlling energy usage on peak summer days reduces the overall burden on the grid. This benefits all our customers in several ways: 

  • Delaying the necessity of building more power generation plants
  • Creating savings that reduce future rate increases
  • Supporting the local economy by paying companies that participate instead of purchasing power from an out-of-state producer
  • Reducing environmental impact, because the greenest kilowatt is the kilowatt never produced
Demand Response Incentive is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Currently, we are not accepting new enrollments for Kansas customers or customers in our KCP&L Missouri service area. We are accepting new enrollments for customers in our GMO service area. For more information or to inquire about the waiting list for next summer, contact your dedicated Energy Consultant or the Demand Response Incentive team at (866) 757-7694.