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Month after month, year after year, the investments you make to improve your school’s energy efficiency often pay off in more ways than one. KCP&L can help you provide a safer and more comfortable and productive learning environment for your students while saving energy. Bring us to the table early, to learn about available financial incentives. From refrigeration and lighting to premium equipment and appliances, we can support you in making the best investment.
 Energizing facts about energy use in schools
  • Climate and typical activity are directly correlated with energy use — things like cooling degree days, walk-in refrigerators and computers per square foot.
  • U.S. school districts spend $6 billion each year on energy.
  • As much as 30 percent of a district’s total energy is used inefficiently or unnecessarily.
  • With the right energy efficiency tools and cost-effective investments, you can save energy and money for your school.
Local testimonial

 "The savings are staggering. These improvements are very robust because they are focused on infrastructure, plus preventative and long-term upgrades."

Jensen Adams, Energy and Sustainability Manager
Kansas City Public Schools

Invest with confidence

No matter the budget, we’ll make sure efficiency is always the right answer for your school or campus. Complete the form below to learn how we can help your school save energy and reduce costs:


  • Kansas City Public Schools Case Study
    Efficiency homework paid off for KCPS in big ways. Read the case study

  • North Kansas City School District Case Study
    NKC Schools cut energy costs and improved their learning environment. Read the case study.

Invest in the best:


Premium efficiency rooftop units and advanced controls help you save energy and money.
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Having an energy-efficient chiller is often one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make.

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LEDs are the most efficient, long-last option that also improve safety and reduce costs.

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High-efficiency refrigeration equipment cuts energy costs, reduces waste and increases product life.

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ENERGY STAR® Appliances

 Gain more knowledge about cost-saving energy efficiency solutions.
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New Construction

Start as early as project planning for financial incentives and resources to inform your decisions.
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