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When it comes to new construction and major renovation projects, it’s never too early to consider energy efficiency. Get in touch with KCP&L as early as possible to gain access to rebates and incentives that will help turn your vision into reality. From early planning to decades-long cost strategies, we’re here to help from the ground up.

Project snapshot: McCrite Plaza

A meeting with KCP&L’s engineering team in the very early planning stages led this large senior living center to opt for code-exceeding, energy-efficient lighting and mechanical technologies.

Est. annual energy savings: 831,077 kWh
KCP&L incentive: $83,108
Annual energy costs saved: $72,392

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LEDs offer higher quality lighting, last years longer and use a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting. Don’t settle for anything less than the best in your new building. 
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Variable Speed Drives

VSDs automatically adjust motor speed to match varying energy needs, which helps lower energy and maintenance costs, extend equipment life and reduce noise. 
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Heating and Cooling

Modern, high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment is essential to the energy-saving success of your new building. Consider heat pumps, rooftop units or a variable refrigerant flow system.
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A modern, right-sized chiller can last 30 years or more. With energy-saving advancements like VSDs and magnetic bearings, it’s an investment that can pay off for decades. 
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