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While energy costs account for nearly 50 percent of a typical medical facility’s budget, the beneficial side effects of high-efficiency upgrades go far beyond energy savings. Bring KCP&L to the table early to gain access to financial rebates and incentives that will help make your energy efficiency investments an easy pill to swallow.

Project snapshot: St. Luke's Hospital

With help from KCP&L incentives, the Kansas City-based hospital optimized the building’s ductwork by installing an economizer and dampers, adjusting the space setpoint and reducing the HVAC’s airflow. 

Est. annual energy savings: 189,328 kWh
KCP&L incentive: $18,933
Annual energy costs saved: $16,455

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A new high-efficiency chiller can last over 30 years and offers significantly greater performance than standard models. Let us help you find the right-sized system to match your facility’s needs. 
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Variable Speed Drives

VSDs automatically adjust motor speed to match varying energy needs, which helps lower energy and maintenance costs, extend equipment life and reduce noise. 
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Lighting and Controls

LEDs aren’t just the brightest, longest-lasting and most efficient lighting option on the market. In addition, better lighting has been shown to decrease prescription-filling errors and exposure to natural lighting has been proven to speed up patient recovery time.
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