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The data is in: efficiency adds up. 

It doesn’t take a supercomputer to realize the benefits of energy efficiency go far beyond just energy savings. Bring KCP&L to the table as early as possible to gain access to resources, rebates and incentives that will help you invest with confidence.

Project snapshot: Liberty Mutual

Est. annual energy savings: 278,900 kWh
KCP&L incentive: $25,737
Annual energy costs saved: $81,687  

“To achieve zero downtime and to have the most reliable, energy-efficient data center available, your critical data center infrastructure needs to be modular, scalable and redundant.”  

Mark Cowart, Managing Partner
P3 - Power Protection Products, Inc.


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How do you optimize your cooling strategy with high-performance equipment, energy-saving software, efficient server orientation and financial incentives from KCP&L? Find out.

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Key opportunities to consider...


An ENERGY STAR® certified server can handle three times the workload as a standard server while using a third less energy. Server virtualization adds even more efficiency while reducing downtime.
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Airside economizers use cool outside air to help maintain optimum operating temperatures and humidity. Waterside economizers use the evaporation from cooling towers to provide chilled water
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Modern, right-sized chillers feature advanced technology like magnetic bearings and variable speed drives (VSDs) to significantly boost performance, productivity and efficiency. 
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LEDs use a fraction of the energy, last years longer, require far less maintenance than standard lighting. They also generate much less heat, taking a significant burden off your cooling system. 
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