Renewable & Solar Energy

Interested in generating your own electricity to fulfill some or all of your energy needs? Generating renewable energy helps you and the environment.

Wind turbineWhether you turn to wind, solar or some other method of generating your own energy, connecting to the electrical grid can raise questions. KCP&L can help you make it work.

How it Works

It starts with a net-metering billing arrangement. This allows customers who produce their own energy from renewable sources to earn a credit on electric bills for the extra energy that flows back into our distribution system. Using a special meter, we measure the electricity you generate from solar panels or a wind turbine. That way, we can determine both the electricity you use and the electricity you produce. 

The energy you generate is used to offset an equal amount of power supplied by KCP&L in the billing period. Energy produced in excess of your need (or net kWh) is credited to your bill at our avoided cost. This amount is less than retail because it reflects only energy—not the generation, transmission, distribution and administrative costs included in retail rates. 

Conditions and Requirements

When it comes to net metering, there are a few requirements to bear in mind:

  • Business customers can connect a renewable generation facility up to 100 kW.
  • You must be interconnected with our grid to allow you to feed extra electricity you generate into our system. 
  • Protective equipment must be installed to ensure the safety of our crews and the electrical grid.