Commercial Refrigeration

Keep your sales brisk.

For a cost-effective way to reduce costs and boost sales, take a stroll down the refrigerated aisle.  

The benefits of modern, high-efficiency refrigeration technology like electronically commutated motors, case doors and LED lighting go far beyond energy savings. Upgrading yours can also significantly lower your maintenance and operation costs, reduce produce spoilage, enhance the customer shopping experience and ultimately move more products off the shelves.      


  • Reduced produce waste
  • Improved customer experience
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased equipment life  

More ways to save

  • LEDs are a brilliant option for cutting costs, boosting productivity and helping your products stand out throughout your store.  
  • Unitary HVAC systems provide high-efficiency heating and cooling comfort while using up to 30–50% less energy than standard units.  
  • Night shields and strip curtains provide additional protection from spoilage, wear and tear, coil freezing and other maintenance issues.