Severe Weather Safety

When severe weather strikes, take these steps to stay safe and comfortable.

Know that when your power is out after a storm, KCP&L is working as swiftly as possible to get you back online.

In the meantime, these tips can help keep you safe during an outage:   

  • Stay away from power lines, meters and other equipment. Always assume a downed power line is still energized.
  • Report an outage through our online form if you have access to the internet or a smartphone. Or call our automated line at 1-888-LIGHT-KC 1-888-LIGHT-KC (544-4852). This line is automated because that’s the fastest way to get your information to our crews who are working to restore power.
  • Turn off most of your lights and unplug appliances and other electronic equipment to avoid overload damage when power is restored.  
  • Unplug any heat-producing devices, like irons and stoves, to reduce the danger of fire if power is restored while you are away.
  • Avoid opening your freezer and refrigerator doors. A full freezer will keep its temperature for about 48 hours (24 hours if half full) if the door remains closed.

    Safety Tips for Hot Weather

    Extreme heat is brutal for everyone. But older customers, children and those with cardiovascular problems are especially vulnerable on hot and humid days. Follow these tips to stay cool: 

    • Drink plenty of water; avoid caffeine and alcohol.
    • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight cotton clothing.
    • Reduce physical activity. A nap doesn’t hurt!
    • Handle housework in the early morning or late evening when it is coolest.
    • Use a microwave instead of an oven to cook.
    • Close shades, blinds, drapes and curtains to reduce heat from the sun. Use fans to circulate air.   
    • Make sure your air conditioner has a clean filter and is free from debris. 
    • Never leave children or pets in enclosed vehicles, where it can only take a few minutes to reach temperatures of 140 degrees or higher.
    • Locate a cooling center near you.
    • Learn the signs and treatment of heat stress and heat stroke in our videos.

    Safety Tips for Flooding

    Because electrical current travels through water, flooding creates specific safety concerns:

    • Stay away from power lines and pad-mounted transformers in flooded areas. 
    • Don’t walk in standing water, since the limited visibility may prevent you from seeing energized and dangerous power lines. 
    • Avoid steering watercraft near power poles and lines.