Restoration Process

Restoring power is complex. Learn how KCP&L brings the community back online.

Power sometimes returns in a different order than you’d expect. We have a process in place to address critical needs first then the largest number of customers as quickly and safely as possible.

  • As outage reports come in, troubleshooters and sometimes damage assessment crews are sent to investigate the outage cause. This is why you may see a KCP&L truck come and leave your neighborhood without power being restored. 
  • Crews then repair or replace equipment as needed, removing all hazards.
  • Many time, tree trimming crews must remove trees or tree limbs before power can be restored. 
  • Following a major storm, many times it's a matter of completely rebuilding parts of the electrical system to restore services, which can take lots of coordination and many hours to complete. 

KCP&L's goal is to restore power to the largest number of customers as quickly and safely as possible. 

The more outage reports we receive, the better we can identify where the outage cause is located you can report an outage online here. Or learn more about the order outages are addressed:

After an Outage, KCP&L Prioritizes:

  1. How we restore power, first priority for public safety.

    1. Public Safety

    Restoring power to critical services like hospitals, police and fire stations, and water treatment plants

  2. How we restore power, priority given to substations.

    2. Substations

    Substations and primary lines that often serve thousands of customers

  3. How we restore power, priority given to lateral power lines.

    3. Lateral Lines

    Lateral lines that usually serve customer groups in the hundreds

  4. How we restore power, priority given to secondary power lines.

    4. Secondary Lines

    Secondary lines that affect a dozen or more customers

  5. How we restore power, priority given to individual homes.

    5. Individual Homes

    Individual homes and businesses whose service connection have been damaged

Dealing with storm debris

Because restoring our customers’ power is our first priority, tree limbs and debris are left onsite for the tree’s owner to remove.  If you need help with storm debris, check online or in your local directory for a reliable tree or lawn care service. Many cities in our service area offer debris pick-up or drop-off locations after major storm events.

When your service connection is damaged

When your meter or service connection is damaged, the process to get it repaired is below:
meter, service ownership
If your meter socket is pulled away from the house and you are without power, we’ll perform a temporary fix, when possible, to get you back online. For a permanent fix, or if the meter is detached but you still have power, it’s your responsibility to contact an electrician. 

Contact us if you have questions about the meter and repair responsibility.