What We Do

KCP&L prepares year-round for severe weather and outages to help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible after a weather event.

We're ready for severe weather. When outages occur, our well-trained crews respond immediately to repair damage and restore your electricity. We’ve built our response strategies on past experience and best practices, ensuring that KCP&L operates as a well-oiled machine in challenging storm recovery conditions. In fact, our Storm Evaluation and Restoration Plan has been rated one of the top five emergency response programs in the country.

What are some of the steps we take?

  • Before the Storm

KCP&L prepares for severe weather year-round, conducting practice drills and trimming branches growing near power lines. (We trim trees year-round to minimize potential damage, though we can’t prevent uprooted trees and other storm hazards.) We also keep extra poles and wiring on hand to replace downed poles and lines. As the season and specific weather events approach, we put additional crew members, contractors and tree crews on alert. All of these steps are called for in our Storm Evaluation and Restoration Plan (SERP). SERP is our emergency response plan, which is activated at varying levels of outages. It helps us better manage outages and restore power more safely and efficiently across a wide range of storm damage conditions.


  • A Safe and Swift Response

We send out crews as soon as weather conditions allow, understanding that the safety of our crew members is vital. Our crews work 16-hour shifts until power is restored through harsh conditions, from icy and snow-packed roads to downed trees and limbs. We always appreciate our customers’ patience as we work through the restoration process. 

  • Help From Our Neighbors

When a major event hits, we call on the Midwest Mutual Assistance Group, a regional electric utility assistance organization whose members help each other restore power when needed. Crews from neighboring utilities can increase our workforce as much as we need to restore your power as quickly as possible. KCP&L returns the favor in other communities, providing requested assistance for major disasters, such as Hurricanes Ike and Gustav.