Start, Stop or Transfer Service

Start, stop or transfer your service with a few clicks.

Start Your Service Online 

New Customers

New to KCP&L? We’ll just need some basic information (Social Security number, email, phone number and address) to verify your identity and location. You’ll be given choices for scheduling the weekday on which you'd like your service to start. Just click the button above. The process takes less than five minutes and you'll recieve a confirmation email once you submit.

Existing Customers

Looking to transfer or discontinue service? Be prepared to log in to your account (or you'll be guided on how to create one) and follow a few simple steps. Just click the button above. You’ll need your account number handy if you're not already registered for online account access.

Rental Property Owners

If a tenant has requested disconnection, as a rental property owner, you may revert service to your name. By completing a Landlord Authorization To Revert Form, KCP&L will automatically place your rental property utilities into your name when a tenant requests disconnection. You will receive a separate billing for each property when the service is reverted to your name. 
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