How Rates are Set

Setting pricing works differently for utility companies than most businesses. Learn more about utility regulation and how rates are set.

Utility Regulation: History, Standards and Benefits

As a regulated investor-owned utility, KCP&L provides services that are essential to our society. These services and their costs are regulated.
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Ratemaking 101: What Goes into the Ratemaking Process

KCP&L's electric retail rates are set by the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Missouri Public Service Commission.
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Electricity's Cost Drivers: Factors that Affect Rate Pricing

Many factors drive the cost of providing electricity to our customers. Those include the cost to generate and deliver it.
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Electricity's Value: How Electricity Compares with Other Goods and Services

Electricity has shown to be a lasting value. Even though Americans have used more energy in the last 20 years, the portion of household budgets devoted to electricity costs has actually declined.
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FERC Compliance: Standards of Conduct

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission provides standards of conduct for transmission providers.
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