Residential Rate Overview - KCP&L Missouri

Missouri customers: Find information about residential rates in the KCP&L-Missouri service area.

Kansas customer? View your residential rate information here.

This table gives an overview of the most common residential rates. A complete list is available in the tariffs.

 Current Residential Rates*

   General Use    

   Electric Heat    

 Monthly Customer Charge $11.47 $11.47
 Summer (May 16 - September 15)
 Energy Charge per kWh   $.13806
 Energy Charge per kWh - first 600 kWh $.13511  
 Energy Charge per kWh - next 400 kWh $.13511  
 Energy Charge per kWh - over 1,000 kWh $.14916  
 Winter (September 16 - May 15)
 Energy Charge per kWh - first 600 kWh  $.12013  $.09703 (first 1,000 kWh)
 Energy Charge per kWh - next 400 kWh  $.07396  
 Energy Charge per kWh - over 1,000 kWh  $.06561  $.06300
 *effective December 6, 2018

The prices do not include taxes, Demand Side Investment Mechanism (DSIM) or the Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC).

Residential Electric Space Heat Rate

KCP&L offers an eight-month winter electric space heating rate that is ideally suited for energy-efficient heat pumps and electric resistance heating. Rates for energy reflect the reduced costs associated with supporting heating usage during the winter season. To qualify for the electric space heat rate, your electric heating equipment (such as a heat pump or electric resistance furnace) must be permanently installed and used throughout to heat your home.

Whether you are building a new home or replacing equipment in your existing home, you’ll need to register your electric heating equipment with KCP&L. We’ll apply the reduced electric space heat rate to your account upon receipt of your proof of installation. There are two ways to register:

  • Send us a copy of your heat pump or electric resistance furnace invoice, including name, address, installation date, dealer’s name and address, and the make, model and serial number. Mail to KCP&L Billing Services, PO Box 418679, Kansas City, MO 64141-9679 or fax to 816-654-1391.