Billing Options

We offer several billing options to fit your home or business.

We will soon be Evergy. You'll still be able to utilize all of the billing options available to you today. For more, view our merger information.

Billing Options

Online Bill Payment

Paperless Billing

  • Receive email notices and reminders.
  • Pay your bill online.
  • Review up to two years of PDF statements.
  • Compare current and past bills.
  • Sign up through your online account.
Text Messaging

Text Messaging

  • Receive notifications when your bill is ready and we process a payment.
  • Schedule reminders 1-14 days before your bill is due. 
  • Make a payment from a designated bank account.
  • Learn more about text messaging.
Budget Billing

Budget Billing

  • Keep your bill consistent.
  • Budget your monthly payments.
  • Even out seasonal billing highs and lows.
  • Learn more about budget billing.
payment options

Special Billing Options

  • Schedule payment dates to coordinate with Social Security and SSI.
  • Manage power outages for medical customers with life-support equipment.
  • Designate a relative, friend or agency to assist with your bill payments.
  • Submit an energy gift for a person in need of financial assistance.
  • Learn more about special billing options.