LED Streetlight Project

LED streetlights are not only cost effective, but also provide greater visibility. We’re bringing them to your community.

LED streetlights at nightWe have researched the suitability and practicality of developing light-emitting diode (LED)-based lighting for use in our roadways. After four research efforts to evaluate cost-effectiveness, system compatibility, technology performance, and efficacy of LED lighting, we believe LED lighting is a viable option for lighting of public roadways. Converting to LED lighting will reduce energy use and maintenance cost. Additionally, LEDs offer improved visibility, minimum brightness (lumen) depreciation and more focused light.

After significant review and approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC), our KCP&L – Missouri  jurisdiction is pursuing a structured conversion of all KCP&L leased roadway lighting (non-decorative, pole-mounted, over-road lighting) to LED luminaires over the next six months. For our KCP&L – GMO and Kansas jurisdictions, we are working toward approved tariffs in 2017. We’ll provide more information as those tariffs are approved.

Conversion Timeline and LED Types

  • We'll install LED streetlights in areas at a time. This helps us deploy our crews more efficiently, minimize travel and complete the conversion quickly and effectively. 
  • We have frozen the availability of existing mercury vapor (MV) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights and rates to new customers in our KCP&L–Missouri jurisdiction.
  • LEDs will be the standard luminaire for replacement of KCP&L-leased roadway lighting mentioned above. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Business Center at 816-221-2323.