ONLINE Form Update

Our online form is undergoing an update and will be available shortly. To donate, call 888-471-5275 or find information on sending a check below. Thank you for your patience.


Join us in helping low-income residents pay their heating, cooling and water bills.

During times of need, Dollar-Aide helps eligible individuals and families by assisting with their utility bills to avoid loss of service. Since 1982, the program has helped thousands of families in our community. To make all tax-deductible donations go farther, KCP&L matches every dollar with an additional 50-cent energy credit donation.

This year, KCP&L customers, employees and the company match have raised more than $140,000 to help our community.

How it Works 

  • KCP&L customers and employees make their donations.
  • KCP&L matches each dollar with a 50-cent energy credit donation.
  • We send donated funds to the Mid-America Assistance Coalition (MAAC), which administers the funds to local agencies.
  • The local agencies work with those in need of funding for their heating, cooling and water bills.

How to Donate

You may donate online using our form very soon (it's currently under construction). You can also make a one-time donation:

  • Send a separate check, payable to Dollar-Aide, with your monthly KCP&L electric bill payment.
  • Mail your check directly to MAAC:
    Dollar-Aide, c/o Mid America Assistance Coalition
    One West Armour Boulevard, Suite 301
    Kansas City, MO 64111

Energy Gift 

Another option to help those in need is by assisting someone who has fallen behind in their bills with an Energy Gift. An Energy Gift provides an opportunity to help a friend or family member. This gift lets you help someone by making a payment toward their KCP&L bill. You do not have to be a KCP&L customer yourself to purchase this gift — anyone can purchase an Energy Gift for one of KCP&L’s customers. 

For additional information or to help out please visit:

The Value of Dollar-Aide 

“Dollar-Aide is a tremendous program that enables us to help people in times when we normally would not be able to,” said Gladys Lizama of the Guadalupe Centers, Inc. (GCI) of Kansas City, one of the agencies that receives funding from Dollar-Aide to support its clients. “Often the private funds we have at GCI are intended for residents within our own zip code service area. Once, a man outside of this zip code area found himself unable to make his utility payment. In this case, since he was a KCP&L customer, we could apply Dollar Aide funds to his account. KCP&L and Dollar-Aide really came through for us so we could help this gentleman get back on his feet.”