Community Focus Areas

KCP&L’s community investments program is directed in three areas: at-risk youth, economic/workforce development and the environment.

These focus areas were selected after a comprehensive process involving hundreds of KCP&L employees, community leaders and agencies. Supporting these investments is a robust volunteer program that encourages employees to get involved with nonprofits within our areas of focus. 

Charitable focus areas

At-Risk Youth

We support agencies serving young people who are vulnerable or at risk due to socio-economic conditions. We invest in initiatives that nurture children and support their educational development from birth to career or vocation. While KCP&L supports many agencies that focus in this area, spotlighted here are two of our partners: 

  • Green Works of Kansas City: Green Works of Kansas City touches on all three of our focus areas: at-risk youth, economic/workforce development and the environment. The organization engages urban youth in environmental stewardship and the green economy through experiential learning and paid internships. KCP&L has been a key supporter since the agency's inception in 2007. 
"More than financial support, KCP&L employees have served as leaders on our board and as volunteers with our students. With their help, we’ve taught 120 urban high school students about the environment and funded 6,000 hours of internships with various environmental organizations.”
Kate Corwin, President

  • Higher M-Pact: Higher M-Pact helps some of area's highest-risk young people through intense mentoring, work experiences, and character-building and leadership development programs. By supporting the organization’s after-school programs, community events and long-term mentoring efforts, KCP&L has leveraged Higher M-Pact’s work, helping the agency provide meaningful support to hundreds of area youth.
“KCP&L is a true partner to us. They do not just provide financial support and remain hands off, but instead KCP&L’s employees volunteer in a number of ways to make us effective. Through our partnership over the years, KCP&L has truly demonstrated they're committed to helping Higher M-Pact fulfill its mission of instilling hope and inspiration in high-risk urban youth and every life we encounter." 
Tyrone Flowers, Founder


In addition to preserving and developing wildlife habitats near our generating and operating stations, we support programs targeted toward the sustainability, conservation and beautification of our region’s natural resources. Here are highlights of two of our key environmental partners:

  • Bridging the Gap: Bridging The Gap uses civic partnerships to address environmental issues through prevention, education and recycling. As a founding partner, KCP&L has played a vital role in several conservation and beautification projects, resulting in 3,000 tree plantings, 400 acres of conserved ecosystems, 500 rain barrels and tons of recycled materials.
"Our work would literally not be possible without KCP&L’s long-term support. Year after year, they generously fund our tree plantings, prairie conservation work, community clean-ups, green business network and events like Earthwalk. Not only do they provide funding, their volunteers are always there for the hard physical work it takes to protect and restore our natural systems.” 
Kristin Riott, Executive Director

  • The Nature Conservancy: The Kansas Chapter of this leading global conservation organization works to protect ecologically important lands and waters, making great strides in preserving the last known native grasslands in the world. KCP&L is a long-term partner, providing business leadership and legacy funds to purchase and maintain hundreds of acres of these vanishing grasslands. 
“Our partnership with KCP&L has generated many important conservation successes. They’ve also helped lead other energy sector companies toward ecologically sound business decisions, especially with renewable energy. Our partnership with KCP&L testifies to the strength that corporate America brings to conservation.”  
Rob Manes, State Director

Economic/Workforce Development

We’re focused on stimulating economic development in distressed and underserved areas as well as providing key investments in workforce and mentoring programs that ultimately spark an interest in a utility industry career. Two of our partners include:

  • MINDDRIVE: MINDDRIVE engages young kids in the highly-valued fields of engineering, mechanics and automotive design. The program depends heavily on mentors and immerses young people—classified as at-risk and from urban and rural areas—in hands-on, experiential learning experiences like building and driving alternative-fueled cars. 
“Our partnership with KCP&L goes beyond financial support, extending through volunteerism and advocacy for the events and projects that create a meaningful impact on our students and community. Their commitment, including board guidance and mentor support, has meant the world to MINDDRIVE'S growth and continued cutting-edge programs.”
Linda Buchner, President

  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) of Greater Kansas City: As the nation’s largest community development organization, LISC mobilizes corporate, government and philanthropic support to help neighbors build sustainable communities. KCP&L has supported the organization’s flagship NeighborhoodsNOW program since 2006. The program has strategically reshaped six targeted neighborhoods in a holistic way, creating good places to work, live, conduct business and raise families. 
"We’re honored to have the confidence of KCP&L. Both their financial support and the volunteer hours their staff commit as members of our board have had a tremendous impact on our urban neighborhoods. Thanks to their support, our target neighborhoods are safer, citizens are engaged in neighborhood redevelopment, and residents have more resources to help stabilize a long-term financial outlook and build family income.”  
Terri Mueller, Deputy Director

Connecting Our Customers to Resources

In addition to our focus areas, we partner with many agencies to help link our customers to the resources they need, including utility assistance, energy savings tools, emergency support, food, school supplies and much more. 

Through a long-term partnership with the Kansas and Western Missouri Division of the Salvation Army, we’ve helped more than 6,000 of the community’s most disadvantaged residents by providing help with energy bills, fans and air conditioners, winter coats and more. 

"We commend KCP&L’s strong commitment to keeping people safe and healthy with initiatives that assist low income families with energy costs. Every year, the company provides financial assistance and volunteer support for several programs, including our Fan Club, which provides electric fans and air conditioners to people who need them during the hot summer months.”
Major Charles Smith, Divisional Commander

We also help make a difference through Dollar-Aide, which helps families pay their heating, cooling and water bills during financially pressing times. Funded by donations from our customers and employees, we match each dollar donated with a 50% energy credit. 

Supporting Families through Dollar-Aide

To make a recurring donation:

Complete this form to add a pledge to your monthly bill. The tax-deductible monthly pledge can be stopped at any time by calling 888-471-5275.


To make a one-time donation:

Send a check, payable to Dollar-Aide, along with your monthly payment or directly to DollarAide,
c/o MAAC, 1 W Armour Blvd., Suite 301, Kansas City, MO 64111.