Supplier Registration

Tell us about the products and services you provide by registering for KCP&L’s eSupplier online portal.

New to KCP&L? 

Suppliers that are not yet doing business with KCP&L must first register as a bidder on our supplier portal before bidding on a sourcing event. (Internet Explorer 10 and 11 are not supported by our supplier portal. If you have one of these, please use compatibility mode.) 

To register, follow the Registration Guide.

Already doing business with KCP&L?

Suppliers already registered with our eSupplier portal have access to all its capabilities:

  • Visibility to Sourcing Events (RFQs, RFPs, etc.) and the ability to respond online
  • Visibility to Purchase Orders and the ability to acknowledge or request changes online
  • Visibility to Payment Status online

To complete your registration:

  • Visit the eSupplier login page
  • Click Register as a Supplier.  
  • Complete the supplier registration using this information:
    • Access code from KCP&L 
    • Vendor ID (10-digit number from buyer)
    • Tax Identification Number
  • Choose a password that meets this criteria:
    • Minimum Length: 8 characters
    • Special Characters: minimum of 1
    • Digits: minimum of 1
    • Lower Case: minimum of 1
    • Upper Case: minimum of 1
  • Please refer to the eSupplier Registration and User Guide for registration assistance and configuring your account.