Landlords Transfer of Service Assistance

If a tenant requests disconnection, you may revert service to your name as the rental property owner.

Before you enroll in ApartmentLink, KCP&L requires a very important service for rental property owners. By completing a Landlord Authorization To Revert Form, we will automatically place your rental property utilities into your name when a tenant requests disconnection.You will receive a separate billing for each property when the service is reverted to your name. 

We know you'll ensure the accuracy of the information you provide and keep it current. To do so, please notify us if you sell any of the reverted properties, buy additional properties that need to be reverted or any other related information.

You can find the form here to print, complete and fax to 1-800-449-0366, or you can mail the completed form to the address below:

Attn: Fulfillment Group
10700 E. 350 Highway
Kansas City, MO 64138