1981 to Today

KCP&L launched into the 21st century with a merger, reorganization and comprehensive strategic plan.

Employees viewing a monitorCelebrating a century of operation in the 1980s, Kansas City Power & Light continued to follow the example of its founders by strategically looking ahead. Energy demands continued to grow and new environmental regulations were becoming a reality. Generating capacity continued to increase with the addition of the Iatan I station in 1980 and Wolf Creek Generation Station, a nuclear power plant, in 1985. Company leaders began setting the stage for the 21st century. 

The Clean Air Act of 1990 aimed to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. KCP&L was prepared, anticipating the change in 1983 by introducing the use of low-sulfur coal in our plants. Today, we continue to be mindful of sustainable strategies by working to meet or exceed all state and federal environmental regulations.  

In 1991, we transferred headquarters from the Kansas City Power & Light building to new offices at 1201 Walnut. Two new service centers handled an increased customer base, helping us maintain our status as one of the Midwest’s most reliable utilities. The move was an indication of more considerable changes, as merger discussions became a part of a conversation that would continue until 2001. That year, we reorganized and formed a holding company, Great Plains Energy Incorporated. In 2008, we merged with Aquila, the company started by the Green family in 1902.

KCP&L launched into our next steps with the announcement of its Comprehensive Energy Plan, an innovative plan launched in 2005. We worked with community leaders to develop the plan, which focused on solutions to provide the electricity needed to support the community, maintain competitive rates and reliable service, balance the benefits of renewable energy with the stability of cleaner coal generation and respond to rapidly evolving environmental laws and regulations. The plan’s investments included building Iatan 2, one of the cleanest coal-fired plants in the United States, and the Spearville Wind Energy Facility, the first utility-owned wind farm in Kansas.

KCP&L serves residential and commercial customers in 47 counties in northwest Missouri and eastern Kansas, an area that covers some 18,000 square miles. More than 800,000 people use our electricity. Providing safe, reliable and affordable power to our customers is our ongoing priority, as it has been from the very beginning.

In 2018, we merged with Westar Energy to bring you more savings, sustainable energy and solutions that meet your needs. Our companies will combine operations, resulting in a stronger regional energy provider.